Brandy Nicolas is a Internationally Certified Makeup Artist, Model and Photographer. She was born and raised in St. Louis, MO., where she had a fun and creative childhood. A social butterfly in the eyes of many, but has always been secretly shy. Those closest to her would agree that she put on a very convincing portrayal of an extrovert. Growing up in the visual and performing arts school system influenced and cultivated her deep affection for the arts.

During her time in St. Louis, she contributed to a handful of successful Image undertakings, and assisted in launching a new and thriving promotional company, which brings her to present day. Despite her devotion to family and friends, she decided to try her hand in sunny L.A., LaLa Land, The City of Angels; a melting pot of creativity. She has so many things she wants to do, and Los Angeles just made the pursuit attainable. Now back in Chicago, the city she fell in love with while living there in her early 20's. Returning to Chicago with more experience and skills, she's now a triple threat by working as the photographer, stylist and makeup artist for her shoots.

Brandy Nicolas.